domingo, 19 de marzo de 2017


DAY 10. Friday, March 17th, 2017.

KINDERGARDEN CLASS- Treloweth school

In the morning all the classes of the school get together at the gym and sit in rows by classrooms. Each teacher has previously picked a student from his/her class to praise and be awarded student of the week. That student will come to the front and once he/she is there he/she is there, they are given a letter for his family telling them about their great behavior, manners and hard work of that week. Once they are at the front, their classroom teacher stands up and very loudly says why he/she picked that child that week.
Once this is done they need to pick the class of the week, for that, they get a chart full of diamonds, which the teacher keeps marking daily anytime the whole class is behaving, really nice. Then the head teacher starts saying numbers and if the classroom teacher has that number of checks in the diamonds he/she remains standing, if not, he/she sits down. The last teacher remaining is giving a chart that says diamond class to proudly show by their door.
For our surprise, Sarah, the girl responsible for the teaching of Spanish at this school had prepared a beautiful song that the whole school sang for us. It was very emotional. At the end of the song they told us to stand up and head to the front of the school were they gave us a beautiful bracelet as a present for our time and stay at their school. It was all very emotional.
After this emotional moment I head back to the Kindergarten classroom.
They start the day of reading a letter that some mystery friend has left for them and then they dance a wake and shake song. The teacher always joins and dances with them and keeps encouraging them and making nice comments to each child.
After that the kids go play in different corners: 1) Role-play area with disguises of all sorts 2) Number line, where they write the missing numbers. 3) A table with long white paper and high frequency words where they can copy as many as the want with different felt tip pens. 4) An area with recycles materials, rubber bands, rice, sand, where they can create different musical instruments. 5) The teacher is showing some of the kids a picture and they have to think of a sentence with that photo and try to write it on the board.

I came back to the year 1 class I visited at the beginning of the class and they were finishing their final writing piece, putting together all the other parts of their stories they wrote in previous days. At this moment they were given a whole hour to do that.
Once many of them finished, they were put in pairs so they could read their stories to a partner. They were very happy to share their stories. They will switch partners every once in a while to read their stories to different kids and also here new stories.

Por Maria Josefa Gonzalez Roces, profesora del CEIP Moreno Espinosa , Cebreros, Avila.